Speech Understanding Technology

provided by M*Modal

Toward complete, interoperable and compliant medical records.

Everyone in the healthcare industry is talking about complete, interoperable and compliant medical records. M*Modal has a plan to deliver them. The first step is to let physicians document patient care as they choose.
Meaningful content. M*Modal’s state-of-the-art Speech Understanding technology translates physician dictation in real-time into a searchable, structured document. The physician’s reasoning for a course of care is preserved, and clinical facts – medications, allergies, measurements and more – are automatically encoded. 
Evolving use. The result is a meaningful clinical document that can be used by both people and systems in the care process. Moving forward with our partners—leading transcription service providers, platform providers and forward-thinking EMRs— WebChart and M*Modal aim to make these documents a permanent part of the patient’s electronic health record.

Medical meaning matters – at any style or speed

Clinical documentation uses a wide variety of terms with same meaning. There are terms that sound the same but have different meanings. Physicians have a wide variety of styles, accents and methods of dictation. And healthcare is an exceedingly dynamic field with new developments, treatments and medications. M*Modal's Speech Understanding solution –AnyModal CDS– masters all of it, with no compromise to clinical documentation accuracy or completeness.

M*Modal’s highly configurable, service-oriented architecture (SOA), paired with platform-independent, thin client user interface components, makes it easy for partners to incorporate Speech Understanding into their workflow.

From the physician’s dictation, M*Modal automatically structures and encodes clinical facts -- such as medications, dosages and allergies, as well as vital sign measurements. This real-time process results in accurate and complete healthcare documentation today – and an important step toward greater compliance and interoperability.

Learns continuously

M*Modal technology monitors its own performance and adapts to edits made by reviewers. This continuous learning improves accuracy.

Always available

M*Modal’s Speech Understanding solution is independently hosted in an off-site data center for customer use via a secure internet connection. You don’t have to provide any special on-site hardware. IT maintenance, support and software upgrades are automatic and non-disruptive. 


I just wanted to take a moment and show my appreciation for one of your transcriptionists.  Of course I don’t know their names since the only way I can identify anyone is by their initials at the end of the transcribed note.  The person with the initials lh has done a terrific job with transcribing my dictations.  I realize that I dictate rather quickly and three words become one!  However; lh has been able to accurately transcribe and I simply wanted to say thank you very much.  I realize the same person can’t transcribe my dictations every time, nor would them to, but I am grateful for their work!  Maybe he or she is a northerner and they simply get my northern gibberish!

So often, we can find time to complain --but not often enough do we take the time to thank folks who make our lives easier in the simplest ways. Please share this note of gratitude with lh.

Dr. Collins
Louisburg, NC

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