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mzl.bjyrhmrt.320x480-75.jpgWe are pleased to announce that version 1.7.2 of the Mobile application for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices) is available in the App Store. This update has some significant improvements, including:

  • Added a tab-bar for quickly switching among the schedule, workflow, and uploads views.
  • Appointments cancelled through an ADT feed or via InCommand will be removed from the schedule.
  • The schedule can optionally be filtered by new appointments or appointments with a dictation.
  • Appointment details are now included with the dictation when it is uploaded.
  • Added access to all workflow folders in addition to the Preliminary folder.
  • Loading times have been optimized.
  • Added STAT button to the recording controls

As a reminder, an Android version of our app is also available, and we are working hard to bring even more features to both of our mobile applications.

Download the iPhone, iPad and iTouch Mobile app in the App Store


Physician Workflow with Emdat Mobile and EMR


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We have worked with WebChart for quite sometime now and it has been a really great experience. When I have asked them to change, add, or update a transcription it is always done with professionalism and in a very timely manner. Their staff is very responsive to our company's wants and needs, which makes my job a lot easier. Overall a very positive experience and I would recommend them highly.

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Greensboro, NC

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