Qualified Text

WebChart is dedicated to helping each facility reduce costs as much as possible while still providing accurate documentation solutions for your medical data. Cutting-edge technology enables us to offer a 46% reduction in costs by utilizing blended pricing with the reduced costs associated with voice-understanding and qualified text. WebChart separates templated and speech engine lines from regular transcribed lines so we can bill this at a lower rate. We can implement templates that your providers already have, or we are happy to create them for you. Templates can be in-depth or simple, long or short— and there is no limit to the amount of templates each provider and/or facility can employ. Please take a few minutes to look at the brochure below and contact us with any questions via our contact us page or by phone from 8 am- 5 pm EST at (866) 953-2828.



"Hard dollar savings are significant when 5-10 lines are shaved from thousands of transcription reports monthly. A total hard dollar cost reduction of 55% was realized the first year.”

Southern Illinois University

WebChart is NWBOC WBE Certified

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