Studies show that it takes a physician an average of 4.5 minutes per patient to document a visit using templates in an EMR system. By contrast, dictation takes only 1.5 minutes per patient. That's a difference of three minutes per patient! If a physician sees an average of 20 patients each day, that translates to 60 minutes a day. The result? Doctors will either see fewer patients or work longer hours.

  • WebChart automatically integrates with your EMR at no charge, with no capital investment, no service contracts and you experience rapid deployment!
  • We produce the highest quality, most complete medical document for the lowest cost, period.
  • Your practice will still comply with government regulations, increasing physician productivity and upholding attentive patient care.
  • WebChart streamlines the work process, because any authorized user can view, edit and electronically sign documentation online, 24/7/365
  • Information is automatically routed, and can be sent automatically via auto-fax or a referral folder within the system. Alternatively, transcriptions, envelopes and standard cover letters can be printed automatically.
  • You receive LIVE US Customer Service from 8 am to 5 pm EST. All phone calls and emails are answered the same day.
  • With our Qualified Text feature, you will see a reduction in total costs up to 46%!
  • You reap the rewards of full scalability -customized services fit your specific needs- at no cost!
  • You only pay for what we document!
  • WebChart is 100% HIPAA compliant.
  • You enjoy seamless transition of dictation to transcription.
  • When it comes to implementation technology, WebChart trains your staff for free!
  • Verifiable billing means our checks and balances identify ways to streamline your practice.


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"Hard dollar savings are significant when 5-10 lines are shaved from thousands of transcription reports monthly. A total hard dollar cost reduction of 55% was realized the first year.”

Southern Illinois University

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