Studies show that it takes a physician an average of 4.5 minutes per patient to document a visit using templates in an EMR system. By contrast, dictation takes only 1.5 minutes per patient. That's a difference of three minutes per patient! If a physician sees an average of 20 patients each day, that translates to 60 minutes a day. The result? Doctors will either see fewer patients or work longer hours.

  • WebChart automatically integrates with your EMR at no charge, with no capital investment, no service contracts and you experience rapid deployment!
  • We produce the highest quality, most complete medical document for the lowest cost, period.
  • Your practice will still comply with government regulations, increasing physician productivity and upholding attentive patient care.
  • WebChart streamlines the work process, because any authorized user can view, edit and electronically sign documentation online, 24/7/365
  • Information is automatically routed, and can be sent automatically via auto-fax or a referral folder within the system. Alternatively, transcriptions, envelopes and standard cover letters can be printed automatically.
  • You receive LIVE US Customer Service from 8 am to 5 pm EST. All phone calls and emails are answered the same day.
  • With our Qualified Text feature, you will see a reduction in total costs up to 46%!
  • You reap the rewards of full scalability -customized services fit your specific needs- at no cost!
  • You only pay for what we document!
  • WebChart is 100% HIPAA compliant.
  • You enjoy seamless transition of dictation to transcription.
  • When it comes to implementation technology, WebChart trains your staff for free!
  • Verifiable billing means our checks and balances identify ways to streamline your practice.


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I just wanted to take a moment and show my appreciation for one of your transcriptionists.  Of course I don’t know their names since the only way I can identify anyone is by their initials at the end of the transcribed note.  The person with the initials lh has done a terrific job with transcribing my dictations.  I realize that I dictate rather quickly and three words become one!  However; lh has been able to accurately transcribe and I simply wanted to say thank you very much.  I realize the same person can’t transcribe my dictations every time, nor would them to, but I am grateful for their work!  Maybe he or she is a northerner and they simply get my northern gibberish!

So often, we can find time to complain --but not often enough do we take the time to thank folks who make our lives easier in the simplest ways. Please share this note of gratitude with lh.

Dr. Collins
Louisburg, NC

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